I was aghast to discover that the Philippines is the third biggest dumper of plastic in the ocean.

I had an inkling that we were failing there. My family lived for one year on a secluded beach in Bohol. It was great on the weekdays. Then every weekend droves would come for Sunday picnics, littering our paradise with all sorts of lunchtime garbage. Holy Week of last year, on vacation in the islands of Zambales, every day we were confronted with styrofoam containers and empty water bottles left by other tourists.

Processed with VSCO


But seeing it there on Rappler, that we were actually no. 3 in the entire world, made me both sad and quite mad. And made me resolve to really make this blog a source of ideas for ways we can reduce and reuse our garbage, not throw it out at sea!


Here, I’m posting photos of DIY recycling projects we’ve been doing at home, using mostly plastic bottles. The wheels on the Johnson’s soap car actually runs, and the ferris wheel below turns. Try making some of these with your kids, I’m sure they’ll have fun!


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