What to do with the plastic bottles that shampoo and liquid soap come in? In our house, we cut up colorful pages from magazines, get a bottle of glue, and recycle the bottles into monsters. (“Friendly monsters,” my six-year-old insists.)


This can be an opportunity to teach kids about shapes. You can cut up circles for the eyes, squares for the nose, and triangles for the mouth. Say the name of the shapes out loud for younger kids to repeat as you glue them on the bottles.

With the party activities I do at La Pomme, I occasionally come across moms who insist that they are not at all creative, but I’m sure even they will have a very easy time doing this with their children. It’s super simple, I promise!


If you’re thrifty like I am, you’ll love that you’ll only spend P11.50 for this, and that’s for a small bottle of Best Buy Glue at National Bookstore. The bottles and magazines are recycled, so virtually free.



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