Everybody loves cupcakes.

I made boxes of plush toy cupcakes about a year ago, and they were among my bestsellers. Kids played with them. Grownups used them as pincushions.

These days, I’m concentrating on my Decorate a Plush Kits, so I haven’t been making them much. Still people ask. So I figured the best way to still get my plush cupcakes out there is to teach people how to make them!

If you know even just a little bit of hand-sewing, you’ll find that a plush cupcake is very easy to make. All you need are three different colors of fabric, pillow stuffing, crochet thread, a long needle, and a cake cup. For the pattern, you make three circles, one 6 inches in diameter, the second 5 inches, and the third 2 inches.


Where do you get pillow stuffing? To start with, maybe open up one of your throw pillows and steal a handful 🙂 For the other sewing supplies, I’d recommend the notions section of your nearest SM Department Store. Cake cups can be found in many supermarkets, or a baking supplies shop.


Now let’s begin!

The biggest circle will be used for making the frosting” part of the cake. The five-inch circle is for the cake body. The small circle is the cherry. Cut these circles out of your fabric. (Up to you which fabric you’ll use for what cupcake part.)

Make running stitches around the edge of each circle. Pull so that the circle closes into itself. Pull until only a small hole of an opening remains. You insert your stuffing through this. Stuff until you get a small ball. Then you sew the ball completely close.


Do this for all three circles. Then attach the three balls to each other. Remember that the medium ball goes at the bottom. The big one goes in the middle. The small ball goes on the very top.

Put this in a cake cup, and you are done!

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