I am such a proud Momma today, because for the first time ever, Lilou helps me with a how-to crafts video! Ladies and gents, here is my six-year-old love showing us how to make Sharpie plates:

It’s not perfect, but this is a spontaneous, unscripted video that Lilou did in one take. She amazes me.

The back story is that we’ve been making Sharpie plates for a while, and were preparing a stack for this video. Even Papa Pierre joined in the fun. The three of us spent the evening before the shoot drawing Pusheen and Spongebob on crockery, but I hadn’t thought  that Lilou would want to be in the actual video.

“I’m shy,” she told me a few weeks ago, when I asked if she wanted to do a DIY.


On the day we shot the how-to for these Sharpie plates, there I was seated, the camera focused on my hand, just about to begin speaking, when Lilou came up and asked if she could do it. I said, hey, why not!

I thought she did pretty well, what do you think?


Now for the practical stuff: We bought the little plates from a secondhand Japanese shop, at P100 for 6. Dark Sharpies work best. You can get them in National Bookstore. (Ditch the highlighters, they won’t stick. What worked best for us were black, purple, blue and salmon.) Cook 30 minutes in an oven heated to 250°C. It will end up sticking pretty well. We regularly use the four plates you see above.


You can wash the baked plates with water, soap and a sponge. They’ll come off with medium-intense scrubbing with a dish scrub though. Which may be good news if everybody in the family gets excited and draws on everything they can find in your cupboards. As mine did.


I guess the only downside to this activity is that it’s too fun, so you may end up eating off Pusheen in all her different moods and costumes. It’s a must-try.

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