Let me start the DIY projects with this sweet recycling idea for kids. I love this one because it uses the plastic spoons and forks that I inevitably accumulate at home. I don’t order take-out a lot, but Lilou loves pizza and Shakey’s will, for some reason, always bring you spoons and forks even when you ask them not to. These dolls are a quick and fun way to use the plastic cutlery.


What you need:

  • takeout spoons and forks
  • black permanent marker
  • fabric scraps
  • pieces of crochet or any other type of string
  • school glue (Elmer’s works great) or hot glue
  • bits of ribbon or buttons that you have lying around


What to do:

Step 1 – With the permanent marker, draw faces on the plastic spoons and forks.

Step 2 – Cut up your fabric scraps into squares and rectangles

Step 3 -Make doll clothing by wrap the fabric scraps around the handle of the forks and spoons. Secure with string that you wind around and around, over the fabric.


Step 4 – Use the glue to attach your ribbons or buttons. Never let the kids handle the hot glue no matter how much they insist on it. (Trust me on this, I have firsthand experience. Kids will ALWAYS try to touch the tip of the glue gun. “Just to see if it’s really hot.”)

Step 5 – Now that your dolls are all done, it’ time to play! Make up stories with the kids about the spoon and fork village. What is Freddy Fork’s favorite lunch? What do BFFs Susan Spoon and Clara Cutlery love talking about?


I hope you enjoyed that!

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