What can you do with newspapers, now that nobody reads them 😉 ? You you can wrap fish with them, maybe, or make paper maché projects with them. Another idea is that you can recycle them into paper doll chain buntings. And you can learn how on my very own Youtube channel!


Eeep! I’m so excited about this, it’s almost silly really. But I decided to make videos because my daughter Lilou loves watching DIY projects on Youtube, and often requires me to sit and watch with her.

I have to admit those videos are pretty cool. Among other things, we’ve learned how to make goo, S’mores, and beaded headbands on the website. And because sharing is caring, now other kids and their moms can learn the crafts I do at home.



Back to our recycled newspaper buntings. It’s a simple craft that many of us learned as kids. If you didn’t, or you need a refresher course, then watch our video. (And – yes, I have to say it – please subscribe to my channel!)

I also made some templates for you. Fill up this form, and then I’ll email you a JPG file. In the file, you will find templates for a little girl, a little boy, stars, and hearts.


Tips: Print the template file using A4, Portrait setting. To make extra-long buntings, just glue several of the buntings together. This project can be enjoyed by kids as young as five, as long as they can handle scissors.

If you want to get articles about recycling projects for your home and your kids, please subscribe to this blog by filling up this form. It’ll take you just one minute!




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