Gather your kids, because we are off on a DIY trip!  This time we are making toy cars.

Use recycled cereal boxes, or any thin cardboard packaging you have saved. You’ll also need a printer, paper for printing on, scissors, and white glue.

Get the template by filling up this form. I’ll email you the template right after.

Processed with VSCO

As soon as you get it, print the template. Cut out the pieces. You should be getting the  parts in the photo above.

Next, glue the part labelled “Flap A” to the part labelled “Glue Flap A here” (left photo, below). Then glue all the pieces to your saved cardboard packaging (right photo). Once done, cut the pieces out.


On the parts labelled “Side 1” and “Side 2,” you’ll notice that on the flaps, there are short unbroken lines. Snip these (left photo, below). Fold in the flaps along the broken lines (right photo).


Now get the longest piece, and fold along the broken lines on it. You will end up with something like the photo below.

Processed with VSCO

Glue this long piece to the two sides. Your project should be looking like this now:

Processed with VSCO


Glue the four wheels to the sides of your car. Let dry. And you are done!

Processed with VSCO

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